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By TED POWERS, Food Editor 28.SEP.06
Homemade chicken soup, with a difference

Holiday flowers again? Or candy? No way! Grandma’s Kosher Chicken Soup – it’s a no-brainer! Had enough of boring mail-order gifts like chocolates, steaks, grapefruits, etc.? So, what’s new? How about Grandma’s tried and true classic, combined with today’s technology – Yes, Bubbe’s classic fresh chicken soup, along with knadles (matzah balls) and noodles, of course, ordered online and delivered anyplace in the continental United States. I tasted this soup and loved it. Not only was it delicious, it was low in fat and filled with all the right things – loads of white meat chicken, plump carrots, celery, noodles and luscious matzah balls.

In addition to receiving a half-gallon (4-6 servings) of frozen, traditional kosher homemade chicken soup with noodles, or a combination of noodles and matzah balls, in a heavily insulated container, the gift package also contains a jumbo ceramic soup mug, matching jumbo spoon and other gourmet food and gift items – all sent second day.

Grandma’s soup is made in the classic Jewish style. It’s not canned, powdered or condensed – just pure soup from the pot, made with Grade A chicken. Founders, sister and brother Betsy Maselek and David Poritzky, felt that their primary market would be individuals who want to send a gift that reflects the warm feelings of wonderful family gatherings and memories. Whether it’s to send to children away at college, snowbirds in Florida, friends or relatives who may be sick, or a reminder of an upcoming holiday, etc., it makes the perfect gift. What they didn’t anticipate was that it would also appeal to the corporate world – desperately looking for a new way to thank clients for their business or to celebrate a successful event such as a mortgage closing, sale or purchase of a new house or thanking a good customer. One thing you can be sure of is that it will be the first time the recipient will have received a gift like this.

Ordering is as simple as going to, selecting the appropriate gift package and personalized greeting, entering a "send to” address, and putting in payment information. The technologically challenged can order by calling Grandma directly at 87-SEND-SOUP! (877/363-7687).


The Boston Globe - SideKicks Online Finds - September 18, 2006


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - April 26, 2006

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The Boston Globe - SideKicks Daily Picks - October 18, 2005
For the soul

The next best thing to having mommy sit on the edge of your bed spoon-feeding you chicken soup is receiving a half gallon of the elixir in the mail from Grandma's Chicken Soup. Brother and sister David Poritzky and Betsy Maselek grew up on their mother Janice's chicken soup, and after nursing friends and family back to health with the magic brew, they started their business in 2003 using mom's recipe. You can order the soup by phone or online, or stop by their Woburn eatery, David's World Famous. A phone or online order is $29.50 for a half-gallon, and you can also select from gift packages that include challah bread, a mug, and a carrot-shaped pen. David's World Famous, 30 Commerce Way, Woburn, 877-363-7687.


Delta Sky.Com - Pie in the Sky - October, 2005


If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.


Orderof the Day
Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Want to send something special that’s not as clichéd as roses or as expensive as diamonds? Think chicken soup. Not Campbell’s in a can, for goodness’ sake, but fresh, traditional chicken soup, frozen and sent via next-day delivery. Kick it up a notch with a gift package: jumbo mug, spoon, oyster crackers and cute little cookies. The soup’s the real deal, with white meat, big carrot slices and fresh celery, just like Grandma’s. Honest.—David Bailey

877-363-7687, www.grandmas; $30 for one-half-gallon (4–6 servings) or up to $65 with gift package


The Kosher Blog - Product Discoveries - September 27, 2005
27 September 2005

After a rough day at the office last week, and feeling subtle symptoms of an oncoming cold, imagine my delight to find waiting for me at my doorstop half a gallon of authentic kosher chicken soup and a golden challah!

It wasn't from a kindly clairvoyant neighbor; it was the handiwork of "Grandma's tried and true classic, combined with today's dot-com technology": Woburn, MA-based And at the risk of offending my mother -- who's coming over Sunday to help me make, among other things, chicken soup -- it was actually very good. The broth was very clear and had just a touch of sweetness, the vegetables and pasta were an ideal consistency (firm, not mushy), the matzo balls were tasty (not leaden like the canned Manischewitz ones), and there were nice chunks of white-meat chicken.

Of course, it didn't suprise me at all that this high-quality product was prepared for GrandmasChickenSoup by none other than Catering By Andrew of Brookline, MA, and that the delectable challah came from Cheryl Ann's Bakery (also of Brookline).

So, here's a personal voucher for the quality of The price, though, is something of a different story: half a gallon of soup (4-6 servings) and the requisite thermal packaging will run you $36.50, plus 2nd-day or overnight shipping charges (unavoidable due to perishability), which range from $10 overnight around New England to $54 overnight to the Southwest and Pacific. Their gift boxes do, however, make for innovative business gifts, at times when spending in that range may be justified.

Or, look at it another way: how else can you ship delicious kosher soup nationwide, to ailing friends, family, and business associates? Get your orders in before the holidays, through their website or 1-87-SEND-SOUP (1-877-363-7687).

Daily Candy - Boston - March 3, 2005

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New York Newsday - Right On Target - January 19, 2005


The Boston Globe - A&E - Food - December 1, 2004

Hot and Cold
December 1, 2004

When you've got the sniffles and your head is stopped up, you only want a box of tissues, bed, and lots of sleep. Eventually, of course, you need nourishment, or more specifically, chicken soup. If you can't drag yourself out of the house to get a bird and put it in a pot, a brother-and-sister team in Woburn can send you soup overnight. Betsy Maselek and David Poritzky make Grandma's Chicken Soup and ship it in half-gallon plastic containers, with matzo balls and noodles, enough for four to six servings ($29.50 plus shipping). Or you can order one of several gift packages, which include a microwaveable mug (Grandma's likeness graces the cup), oyster crackers, a sugar cookie (cut into a chicken shape), and a pen that looks like a carrot ($39.50, plus shipping). Grandma's also offers a once-a-month plan. Last winter that might have been an indulgence. This year, without flu shots, monthly soup seems like a necessity.

USA Today - November 12, 2004

The Jewish Journal - October 8 - October 21, 2004

Brother/Sister Duo Dish Up Chicken Soup founders

Photo by Susan Jacobs

Siblings David Poritzky and Betsy Maselek are the brains behind, an online company that will ship your loved one a batch of homemade chicken soup, and, if desired, an attractively-wrapped gift mug with other goodies..

Susan Jacobs
Jewish Journal Staff

WOBURN — Thanks to a North Shore brother/sister team of entrepreneurs, people from Maine to Minnesota can now order homemade chicken soup online. The "Jewish penicillin” is shipped frozen in special packaging that keeps it chilled for up to four days without dry ice. is the brainchild of siblings David Poritzky of Boxford, and Betsy (Poritzky) Maselek of Marblehead. The cooking is handled by David, 34, a chef, caterer and owner of David’s World Famous, a Woburn restaurant located in a corporate office park, that features fresh sandwiches and soups. His older sister, Betsy, 40, controls the sales and marketing.

"We have been eating our bubby’s original chicken soup recipe for our whole lives, and have been selling her chicken soup (at David’s restaurant) for years. After doing extensive research, I discovered that the only type of soup you could order online and have delivered is Legal Seafood’s chowder. There is no one shipping homemade chicken soup. David and I have always wanted to do an Internet business together. We already had the product — this seemed like a natural offshoot,” explains Betsy.

With the click of a mouse, customers can order a half-gallon container (4-6 servings) of the tasty comfort food, made in traditional fashion with matzo balls and/or elbow noodles, for $29.50 plus shipping, which varies depending upon which state it is sent to. At this point, they are not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas.

The dynamic duo launched their business in June. In the first two weeks, they shipped 27 orders to places such as Boca Raton, FL, and Akron, OH. Since then they have doubled their business every month.

During the summer, when interest in soup is typically low, they received more than 1,000 hits per day on their well-designed website. As the weather grows colder and interest in chicken soup thickens, they expect the demand to increase. They feel confident about their ability to handle the demand.
Betsy stresses that they are not just targeting sick people. They have a variety of customized gift mugs that can be sent new homeowners, friends who are suffering from break-ups, and students who are studying for tests.

"Our product is a delicious alternative to flowers,” remarks Betsy, who adds that corporate clients such as realtors and car dealerships are sending them to customers to celebrate the purchase of a new home or automobile.

The "Original” Grandma’s Gift contains a half-gallon of soup, plus a large soup bowl and spoon, crackers, a cookie, and a fun pen for $39.50 plus shipping. A "Get Well Soon” package contains all of the above, plus A Little Sip of Chicken Soup for the Soul book, a package of gourmet "Get Well” pasta and other assorted treats for $57.50 plus shipping. Other specialty packages are comparably priced. Those who crave a regular dose of Grandma’s cooking can sign up for the "Soup Club” and receive a fresh batch each month.

Although the soup is "kosher style,” it is not strictly kosher. That doesn’t seem to bother the customers, many of whom are not even Jewish. "Even people who are not Jewish want homemade Jewish chicken soup,” says Betsy.

Betsy, David (and their middle sister Deena, who is not involved with the business) grew up in Wakefield. Their mother, Janice, made chicken soup almost every week for Shabbat dinner. She got the recipe from her mother, who regularly prepared it when they lived on New York’s Lower East Side.
David, the youngest Poritzky child, has carried on the cooking tradition in the family. "I was always the cook in our house. Betsy was the cleaner,” he says. Grandma is qvelling.

For more information or to order, visit www.Grandmas or phone 1-877-SEND-SOUP.

The Jewish Advocate - October 8 - October 14, 2004

The Boston Globe - September 9, 2004