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Mac and Cheese & Soup Complete Meal

Our Complete Soup and Mac n’ Cheese Meal is a delicious feast and can provide enough for lunch and dinner. Our Grandmas Chicken Soup is yummy and comforting. Our Grandmas Mac ‘N Cheese is creamy cheesey goodness. Combined with our mug full of Fat Witch Brownies and Cheryl Ann’s famous challah no one will leave the table hungry.

The COMPLETE Soup & Mac N’ Cheese Meal includes: One half gallon container (4-6 servings) of Grandma's delicious chicken soup with noodles and/or matzo balls.

Plus...the package includes:

  • • A Grandma's Chicken Soup jumbo ceramic mug filled 2 Oversized Chocolate and 2 Oversized Blonde Brownies
    • An assortment of chocolate and blonde brownies, completed with a hand decorated whimsical chicken cookie
  • One delicious fresh Challah bread (a slightly sweet white bread).
  • 2 Pans of Mac & Cheese


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Mac and Cheese & Soup Complete Meal

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