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Get Well Tea Mug and Soup

When it is time to help someone relax, send them our Tea Mug and Soup package. A hot bowl of our delicious Grandma's Chicken Soup always warms the belly and the heart. Our Tea Mug is full of products to provide respite for even the most harried.

A Grandma's Chicken Soup over-sized mug contains three different types of gourmet Tea Forte teas and a package of mints designed to create feelings of retreat with lemongrass and chamomile. The entire gift mug is tied with a hand decorated whimsical chicken cookie.

The Tea Mug and Soup gift includes: One half gallon container (4-6 servings) of Grandma's delicious chicken soup with noodles and/or matzo balls.

Plus...the package includes:

  • 1 canister of 20-35 servings of loose Earl Gray tea
  • 2 pyramid infusers of single serving Tea Forte tea
  • Lemongrass Yuzu Minteas (75 mints/tin)
  • 1 Grandmas Chicken Soup carrot pen
  • 1 Grandma's Chicken Soup jumbo ceramic mug
  • Completed with a hand decorated whimsical chicken cookie


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Get Well Tea Mug and Soup

The Get Well Original and Soup
Our Original Package is guaranteed to make someone feel better.

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